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CO2 센서
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제조사 JUNG
원산지 Germany
브렌드명 JUNG
모델명 CO2 센서
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CO2 multi-sensor

with integrated BCU / humidity sensor and room temperature controller / integrated push-button interface 2-gang

(1)Measurement of CO2 concentration, relative air humidity and air temperature (2)Output of the measured values as telegram to the bus, e.g. for controlling fans or window drives via KNX telegrams (3)Single-room temperature control in KNX installations

Detection field: approx. 12m

* Material / Color Option*

Duroplastic (breakproof) high-gloss : White, Black, Lightgrey, Ivory

Aluminium : AL

Stainless Steel : ES

Aluminium + Lacquering : Anthracite

Aluminium + Lacquering : Aluminium Dark

Brass + Gold Hairline Textures : Classic Brass(MEC)

Brass + Darkbrown Hairline Textures : Antique Brass(MEAT)

* Size *

Frame dimensions: 81 * 81 mm

Plate dimensions: 70 * 70 mm

Edge radius: R.2

* Hole Size (0mm mounting / 3mm mounting)*